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Jim Wren on Marching Roundtable

Jim Wren, legendary arranger for the Phantom Regiment, will be on Marching Roundtable’s podcast on March 9 to talk about arranging the music of Tchaikovsky for the corps. Should be a good one! Advertisements

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My arranging book is finally available!

I know, I’ve been teasing it for months, but it really is out now! It’s available as a pdf ebook from Marketing Vision Partners for $ 30. I invite you to go take a look! Here’s the Table of Contents page: While I don’t think anything I put in the book is exactly controversial, I have included… Continue reading My arranging book is finally available!

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Seeking Clinton Roemer

Two years ago I mentioned the Standardized Chord Symbol Notation book published in 1976 by Clinton Roemer and Carl Brandt. Since then, an alert reader, Doug Gifford, found his and scanned it. Link to the whole discussion is here. I think it would be great if this book could be republished. I think back then… Continue reading Seeking Clinton Roemer

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Getting the details right

When I write a piece, it is generally for someone else to play. (For example, I’m not writing piano arrangements mainly for myself to perform.) Because of that, I really try to get all the articulations and dynamics nailed down in the piece. It takes far longer in a rehearsal to mark a dynamic change,… Continue reading Getting the details right

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Sibelius 7.5 announced.

At the Sibelius blog Philip Rothman has a post on the new version of Sibelius, 7.5, covering a lot of the new features. Are any of them ground-breaking? No.  The Timeline, which looks like it was derived from a sequencer, will be a helpful addition for some but I don’t know how much I might… Continue reading Sibelius 7.5 announced.

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It’s getting closer…

New version of the cover, new title. In absolute final proofing now. It should be available at Marketing Vision Partners very soon. Over 200 pages, including two versions of an arrangement of “Night On Bald Mountain,” at two different levels of difficulty. I talk a lot about using Sibelius in the book as well. Of… Continue reading It’s getting closer…