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Getting the details right

When I write a piece, it is generally for someone else to play. (For example, I’m not writing piano arrangements mainly for myself to perform.) Because of that, I really try to get all the articulations and dynamics nailed down in the piece. It takes far longer in a rehearsal to mark a dynamic change,… Continue reading Getting the details right

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Sibelius 7.5 announced.

At the Sibelius blog Philip Rothman has a post on the new version of Sibelius, 7.5, covering a lot of the new features. Are any of them ground-breaking? No. ┬áThe Timeline, which looks like it was derived from a sequencer, will be a helpful addition for some but I don’t know how much I might… Continue reading Sibelius 7.5 announced.

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It’s getting closer…

New version of the cover, new title. In absolute final proofing now. It should be available at Marketing Vision Partners very soon. Over 200 pages, including two versions of an arrangement of “Night On Bald Mountain,” at two different levels of difficulty. I talk a lot about using Sibelius in the book as well. Of… Continue reading It’s getting closer…

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The map is not the territory.

First, I’ve been away a lot. I may be here a bit more now, since things have settled down a little in my personal life. This post, however, just sort of popped into my head today. The quote in the title is from semanticist Alfred Korzybski, but it’s been used in a variety of ways.… Continue reading The map is not the territory.

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New Garritan blog – using GPO in GarageBand

Yes, I’m back, at least a little bit! I wanted to share that Garritan, maker of affordable and good-quality virtual instrument libraries, has set up a new blog. This particular post has to do with using Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds in Apple GarageBand. If you would like to easily access the sounds in other Garritan… Continue reading New Garritan blog – using GPO in GarageBand

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Update June 1, 2013

I will still be away for some time. My mother passed away May 20, and I am helping get my Dad situated in a senior facility. The book is no further along, as my first reader hasn’t had the time to work on it either. In the meantime I am writing shows for a couple… Continue reading Update June 1, 2013

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Update, March 1, 2013

I’ve had some family responsibilities – care of a parent who is ill – and won’t be back on here until at least May 1. The book is done and is being reviewed by several truly wonderful band directors/arrangers. Once they are finished looking for nonsense (there are certainly a few bits in there that… Continue reading Update, March 1, 2013

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AVID CEO resigns, what goes around comes around

AVID’s CEO, Gary Greenfield, resigned this week, but is still remaining on the board and will receive a salary of a million dollars and a bonus about equal to that, according to AVID’s announcement.Louis Hernandez, Jr., formerly of Open Source Solutions and a member of AVID’s board, will replace him. Those of you who followed… Continue reading AVID CEO resigns, what goes around comes around

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Yet another teasing arranging book update!

The marching band arranging book is done, but not done done. I have distributed the draft to several band directors and arrangers whom I respect, and I am getting comments from them that will definitely make the book better. Once that process is complete, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, it will be ready… Continue reading Yet another teasing arranging book update!