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It’s getting closer…

Arranging book 2.2.14 coverNew version of the cover, new title. In absolute final proofing now. It should be available at Marketing Vision Partners very soon. Over 200 pages, including two versions of an arrangement of “Night On Bald Mountain,” at two different levels of difficulty. I talk a lot about using Sibelius in the book as well.

Of course, more and more I think of things I would like to include in the book that aren’t in there. I’m going to put some of them on an accompanying web site, I’m considering a registration process so that owners of the book can get updates. Any thoughts about that, folks?

At Marketing Vision Partners you will be able to find some excerpts from the book. I’d put them up here but I think it’s better if you find them on the MVP site.

I’ll post a note when it is really available for sale. It’s like a high school football game, where the last two minutes at the end of the game takes a half hour. The last 2% of the book is taking several weeks, on and off, trying to fine-tune it and edit it.





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