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Yet another teasing arranging book update!

The marching band arranging book is done, but not done done. I have distributed the draft to several band directors and arrangers whom I respect, and I am getting comments from them that will definitely make the book better. Once that process is complete, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, it will be ready to go to the printer.

I’ve not decided how to distribute it. I don’t like the lack of copy protection of a PDF, but I wouldn’t saddle a buyer with having to enter a password every time they opened it. Formatting for the Kindle or other reading devices works fine for novels, but the number and size of the illustrations in the book really make that a nightmare. I don’t think you could really read it on a black and white Kindle, for example.

I think the thing will ultimately come out in a dead tree edition instead. Almost thirty years ago Egon Spengler said in “Ghostbusters” that print was dead; but this is really a textbook, and kind of an old-school one at that. It doesn’t require interactivity or anything, but the reader does have to be able to read computer screen shots and fairly densely-formatted music notation.

I know, quit talking about it and get it out already! OK, OK, really soon now…


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