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AVID CEO resigns, what goes around comes around

AVID’s CEO, Gary Greenfield, resigned this week, but is still remaining on the board and will receive a salary of a million dollars and a bonus about equal to that, according to AVID’s announcement.Louis Hernandez, Jr., formerly of Open Source Solutions and a member of AVID’s board, will replace him.

Those of you who followed last summer and fall’s public outcry over AVID closing the office of Sibelius in the UK where all the developers worked may recall that the development team, en masse, moved to Steinberg. Steinberg has not had a music notation product before that I can recall and they were hired specifically to create a competitor to Finale and Sibelius.

So the Sibelius family landed on their feet, working for a company that is owned by Yamaha and not bleeding cash like AVID, and AVID’s CEO is out. I don’t believe that the “Save Sibelius” movement was enough to drive him out – the company sold off other pieces last summer  to cut costs – but it for sure hurt the company’s PR.

I hated to see the whole thing happen. I like Sibelius, it is a major tool in my livelihood, and I would like nothing more than for new and better versions to come out of the offices in Finsbury Park. But that wasn’t to be, and I just hope now that whatever is created at the new Steinberg R&D office has a Sibelius import feature!


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