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Next Arranging Book Update

“So shut up and write the darned book, already!”

Yeah, I know. I just cleaned up and edited a bunch of stuff. There are a few musical examples to add and I need to do a full proofreading. But I started this thing almost exactly one year ago, and it looks like it might actually be finished someday!

About 50K words, two (or maybe three) full example arrangements, audio demo files to go with some of the examples. (Those will be available at a web site for download.) It’s currently at 130 pages using regular letter-sized pages, and it will probably end up around 150, not including the example arrangements.

I’m not sure about formats yet. Pdf, of course. I would love to sell it through Amazon but I have some research to do to see if it would really work with the Kindle formatting system. Anybody have any thoughts about that? I have a Kindle reader I use on my laptop, but would there be enough reason to do all the reformatting required to make it even somewhat readable on a Kindle device?

So, maybe it will be out by March. Appropriate, I think. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Next Arranging Book Update

  1. I guess this isn’t the “Book” that someone is always writing about Hinsdale Central. 150 pages is too short! What is your topic? Barb Williams

    1. It’s on arranging music for Marching Band. I’m not the guy to write the tell-all book on HC – I figured Charla had that covered!

      Christmas decorations will go up next week, I think. I’m sure Warren found out quick that the little around-the-house “retirement tasks” can take up all your time! (And I’m doing a little subbing, but not in District 86.)

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