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Arranging book update

Well, after almost 11 months of off-and-on work on this baby, I have about 45,000 words of text and a load of musical examples. I decided I’m not going to get into things like chord symbol notation (see my previous post) even though other books have done so. I also don’t think I’m going to try to present some formula-type examples, like basic melody and accompaniment, block scoring, etc. Does anyone think I need to present those? I’m focusing the book on how to arrange a “classical” piece (i.e., non-popular music form), so some of the traditional settings aren’t really relevant. But the book is designed for the young band director (or college student) who has never arranged anything before.

I gave up having a target date, except “Spring 2013.” I want to have it available for when young band directors start to think about music for their marching bands. (Directors who are planning for next year’s marching band now probably aren’t my target audience for the book!)

I feel like a lot of the material is sort of common-sense musical information, but every time I’ve felt that way this fall, I judged a band or two where I wish the director had read the book…it would have helped him avoid some basic mistakes young directors make even in using music written by others. So I still think there is a marked for it. It just is taking far longer to complete than I ever thought! I can write fiction way faster than this!

So…if anybody out there can think of a topic they wished was covered when they were learning to arrange, or would like to know about now, send me a comment. I’d be happy to have some input into what else needs to go into this thing!


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