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The book is turning into a reallllllly long task…and help save Sibelius!

I’ve been working a lot lately on the arranging book. I may be very busy shortly – not sure yet – so I wanted to get as much done as I could before that. I originally wanted to get the thing published by June at least, so folks could use it in preparing for the fall marching season. That didn’t happen, for a variety of really good reasons, but the biggest thing is that it takes longer to write than I expected.

I can turn out about 1K to 2K words per day of fiction, if I don’t have to do research. Of course, the book I finished a couple of years ago (which has been edited by some who know and I need to make some changes) took a long time because I had to learn all about Edwards AFB in the 1950s and 1960s, including the X-15 and the XB-70 bomber. The one I’m doing now requires more of a knowledge of particle physics and cosmology, of all things.

But I digress. This one is just taking more time because I have to analyze what I do. I just do it…and I have to figure out why and how. After doing this for 30 some-odd years, it’s hard to describe. But I’m working on it. I can’t give a date for publication, of course, but it shouldn’t be three more months.

As a part of the book there will be at least one arrangement, used as a sample. I’ll sell that, score and parts, probably for $ 20. It’s “Night On Bald Mountain.” I may do two versions, easier and more difficult, if I have time.

On a less happy topic, this week I found out that the entire developer staff in the UK that builds and updates Sibelius was let go. AVID, Inc., which also markets Pro Tools and other products, recently sold off their M-Audio prosumer audio unit. I don’t really know what their business condition is, but it is reported to be not so good.

Rumor has it that continued development of Sibelius going forward will be done by contract software houses…for some reason Ukraine pops up in the rumor mill. There are some good programmers in eastern Europe, I understand, but these are the folks that created a truly wonderful piece of software. Now they are gone.

There is a “Save Sibelius” campaign that is trying to encourage AVID to sell Sibelius to another company or back to the Finn brothers, who wrote the first version of Sibelius for the Acorn computer years ago. They have offered to buy it back but were rebuffed. Anyway, go to Save Sibelius on FB and see what’s going on.


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