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Sign the petition to help save Sibelius!

Please go to this site!

AVID, the parent company of Sibelius, has closed the UK office where the development team for Sibelius has always worked. Nothing that I have seen indicates that the team is going to be relocated to the US, and some believe further development will be offshored to companies unfamiliar with the product, perhaps in Ukraine.

Here is what I added when I signed the petition to encourage AVID to sell off Sibelius to a company that would handle it better:

I use Sibelius in my work as a freelance composer and arranger, and I have used it since version 1.4. I am deeply distressed that the development team that has built the best music notation software in the world is now lost. While AVID may find it cheaper to offshore the development to other companies, where is the development team that knows the software intimately? Such a great mass of experience and expertise is being lost. Please consider selling Sibelius back to the Finn brothers or another company that will maintain it as the premiere application it is.

I invite you to sign as well. BTW, the Finn brothers originally created Sibelius and have offered to buy it back. AVID has refused.


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