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Sibelius pdf imaging issues

Sibelius 7 is an amazing tool, and one of the best things about it is the “backstage”  – accessed using the “File” tab. (It gets that name from the interface redesign, which mimics the new look of Microsoft Office.)

There is an option to export as a pdf file, with choices for just the score, just the parts, all in one file, etc. This speeds up my work a great deal. Back in older versions you had to print each part as a pdf separately, then combine them into one file to email by hand.

Except…there is one problem. Some kind of imaging bug makes it hard to read lines and notes unless you zoom much farther in than you would to read it:

Example of poor rendering of the pdf. This is shown in Mac Preview, but Adobe Acrobat looks identical.











After hunting around in the support forums at, I found a workaround. I had to export each page as a separate EPS file, then open them in Preview and convert them to pdfs.

Default view of the EPS version.











It looks better…but…

Look at the title. Sibelius generates the subtitle for pages after page 1 by putting the subtitle text on page one, then it automatically “hides” that text on page one. Except…it doesn’t.

Sigh. More work.

I must say that the printouts are perfectly fine from the pdf conversion, so it’s just a problem with the display, especially with larger files like band scores. I’ll continue to report when I figure something out.


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