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The new store is set up…now if you can just see this…

I suppose it didn’t make much sense to switch web site hosting companies just after doing a mass emailing to a lot of band directors…but the Apple iDisk isn’t working correctly and wouldn’t allow access to the main page. I’ve had that happen before and never found out why. I switched to and set up a new site, and a new storefront (which actually is better than the old one). I did that yesterday and I’m still waiting for the domain change to propagate through so I can upload the new site pages.

You probably won’t know about this until it’s all over, because the redirect to here was dependent upon that as well, so it’s not working. I hope it will be soon.

The store IS set up, though, and I think you can get to that! If you want to buy my concert band and jazz ensemble compositions (and WHY WOULD YOU NOT?) you can go direct to

Oh, and this might become the new logo. I don’t know. It is for now. I kind of like it.

Don’t forget, you can always email me to get my list of marching and and jazz ensemble arrangements.


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