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Website update

My website,, is plain and sort of ugly. When I put it together a couple of years ago I did it in kind of a hurry. I just never spent much time on it except to make sure the PayPal buttons worked. I’ll be doing some improvements on it in the near future and I’ll be moving it to a new server as well. (It’s on MobileMe right now, and Apple is killing that at the end of June of next year.) If ti doesn’t work some time when you try to get to it, please be patient, and try it again.If  it still doesn’t work, please email me at jwaggoner AT waggonermusic DOT com. I need to know if we have problems with the server changeover.

I also have a couple of new tunes in the works, but it may be a couple of months before they appear. I have a few other things going on that I have to clean up first!


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