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Working with Sibelius 7 (part 1)

I started really working in Sibelius 7 the last couple of days. I have a few reactions. I’ll probably have to do multiple posts to get them all in here.

First, I can get work done. Most of the key equivalents I used before are still OK. (I’m tempted to say all of them, but I haven’t tried all of them yet.) I created a little demo using the R&B template, but using the Reprise font.

Funk Shuffle Demo (with embedded mp3 file)

It’s just a trial to see how the new sounds and interface work.

I will have to look up a quicker, less click-intensive way to move from tab to tab on the ribbon. I expect there is one but I’ve not located it yet.

The online documentation – two big pdf manuals – is extensive. I ordered a dead tree copy of the reference but it’s not here yet. They say this new version is designed to be used with a single monitor – earlier versions worked much better if you could put palettes on a second monitor – but until you learn it, if you have a second monitor, you can leave the Sibelius Reference open so you’re not flicking back and forth.

As before, I tend to use a Kensington trackball instead of a mouse; but this version may cause me to get out my Apple touchpad and try to use it more. I’m getting more used to the gestures on the laptop now.


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