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Revised list of arrangements and compositions out soon!…and publishers’ info

If you would like a copy of my  updated list of available compositions and arrangements for marching band, concert band and jazz ensemble, email me at jwaggoner AT waggonermusic DOT com. (Sorry, trying to avoid the bots.) I won’t post it here. The original stuff, as always, is at The arrangements are handled a bit differently so if you are interested the personal contact is necessary. I have about thirty marching band and jazz ensemble arrangements available as pdfs for reasonable prices.

Most of the marching band music was written for maximum projection with minimum players and minimum rehearsal time, since nobody has enough rehearsal time in the fall! The majority of them would work for pep band functions as well.

Most of the jazz band charts are in the grade 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 range with only a couple of tunes going into grade 4 or beyond.

Average price is $ 20.00 each with a few being less and a couple being higher, but not by much. Compared to print-music prices they are pretty affordable. Remember, everything has been player-tested and edited so you know it will work!

If you need a custom marching band arrangement for this fall, I still have time to do a couple. Contact me as soon as possible, though! (See email address above.) My rates are reasonable! I do my best to take into account the abilities of your band to make it sound the best it can! I have lots of experience helping less-than-ideal bands sound good!

If there is a specific tune you want arranged but you can’t find music for it, ask me anyway! Depending upon the complexity of the tune I can usually pull a reasonable-sounding version off a recording. Be aware that it can be a time-consuming process and therefore a bit more expensive, but I’ve done it for others when they wanted something specific. I’ll also be honest and tell you if the music your pom squad wants you to play for Homecoming just isn’t going to sound good translated into a 60-piece marching band! Sorry to say it, but sometimes those girls are better off with a CD. Rap and marching band really don’t often mix very well! (To be fair, I’ve heard a few- a very few – that can pull it off. It has far more to do with the attitude of the band members than the quality of the arrangement!)

Now’s a good time to check your pep band know your music budget is already disappearing. I try to keep my prices down by eliminating all the middlemen – no print, marketing, no distribution chain, no nothing – so you will always get the best possible value. Also, you get a 100 % money-back guarantee: If the chart just didn’t work for you, I’ll send you another or refund the purchase price. You can’t do better than that!

Be Legal!

If you plan to use these, or any other works-for-hire arrangements, you should complete a Request for Permission to Arrange form and send it to the publisher of the piece. Don’t know who holds the publishing rights? Here are links to the major performers rights’ organizations and their search engines:


BMI (use “Search” pull-down in the upper-right corner of the page)


Nobody in the educational music realm is as on-top of the situation regarding publisher’s clearance for marching band use more than Bands of America. See this page of information they have provided for their participants. Remember, we are not talking about clearing of copyright holder only (who holds the rights for the actual piece of music, the composition, itself), but also that of the publisher, who holds the rights for the print version of the work. Sometimes they are the same but much more often the print rights are controlled by some big publishing company like Hal Leonard, Warner Brothers, or Cherry Lane.

When I wrote my arrangement of Frank Zappa’s “Grand Wazoo” for my own band’s use I cleared it through his estate’s publishing company, which is essentially controlled by Frank’s widow. It wasn’t difficult but it did take several months. Larger publishers have a backlog of requests to work through and are usually behind and smaller publishers don’t have full time clearance personnel, so they take a while also. In the case of the Zappa tune the person who handled such things did so about once every couple of weeks, apparently. But Frank’s wife Gail still had to approve it and that naturally took a bit longer, since she didn’t do it full-time.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, because it isn’t. It does take time to do it right. Just plan ahead. It’s faster than it used to be, when everything had to be handled by snail mail and the ASCAP and BMI inquiries had to be done over the telephone. I did my first clearances that way in the 1970s and it was tedious and slow before we even got a form in the mail.




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