“Remembrance” title change and edits

This is what I will miss when I retire – I have the ability to try things with the band on a daily basis and make edits in a tune. Sibelius does a pretty decent job of rendering the music, especially the rhythm section, but nothing beats hearing real players. We have rehearsed the tune several times now and I’ve made a few changes. They are minor, but the tune is better for it. I also get better at formatting parts to make them work better for the players all the time.

A few slight voicing changes, especially at the end, and an extension of the tenor solo was the extent of the changes to the tune. I also changed the title to “For Emily,” naming it after my granddaughter. We played a tune recently that had my other granddaughter’s name in the title (Blues fur Elise, by Erik Morales) so I wanted to make sure I included the older granddaughter as well!

I’m still happy with the tune. I think you will be as well!


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