My jazz ensemble read the new ballad yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the sort-of “experimental” sax voicings (at least for me) turned out sounding the way I wanted them to sound! I also found that the changes were easier to solo over than I expected. I really do think it’s a Grade 3 piece, and it will be very accessible to many bands. Ranges are reasonable – there is one high G flat for lead trombone, and the lead trumpet goes to an A above the staff. If you have a really good middle school jazz band with a good drummer who can play with brushes, you could play even this with two older soloists.

As I said, we will be performing it on April 26. After that it will be on the web site and available for sale. I should have a recording from the performance to put with it for you to hear. The tune is just over 5 minutes long. I hope you will enjoy it and that some of you folks will try it!


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