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Recommendation – Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3.0

If you use a sequencer, or GarageBand (same thing), or a notation program like Sibelius or Finale, and you write jazz band tunes, you should invest in Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3.0. It works as a stand-alone player or as a plugin for most major systems (Audio Units, VST, etc.) and provides you with some really flexible and high-quality samples of the usual big-band instruments. At $ 150 it’s pretty affordable. The new version is much easier to use, using the ARIA player, than the old Kontakt Player version. I’m using it with Sibelius and it works great! I highly recommend it. I’ve not tried the new Personal Orchestra version but I expect it’s just as good. There’s also the Concert and Marching Band set. Go to and check them out.


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