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iPad notation programs?

I got an iPad for Christmas (whoohoo!) and I’m looking for the equivalent of a miniature version of Sibelius or Finale for it. So far…nothing. A couple of rudimentary notation programs are available for the iPhone, but they are definitely not what I’m looking for. If anyone finds one, please mention it in the comments section.

I’ve done a little research, and apparently a number of microphones and other USB audio devices work with the iPad through the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which has an adapter that has a USB port. Some folks have even reported being able to use devices through a USB hub. I’ve not tested anything yet. When I have I will report how it worked out. (Incidentally, don’t buy the Connection Kit from Apple; get it from somebody closer to you. I found the dang thing at Wal-Mart after making a special trip to buy it at our local Apple Store!)


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