I’ve been working with Sibelius 6 for about a week…

And I love it, so far. The new Magnetic Layout function is wicked cool (if anyone says that anymore). It will save a bunch of time all by itself. I have it running on an old PowerBook G4, on a three-year-old Toshiba tablet, and on my G5 (just barely pre-Intel) iMac, and the speed increase is noticeable. On newer Macs and Wintel boxes it should be very fast. The new Sibelius Essentials sounds are very high-quality, and I don’t need my old Kontakt sounds much at all anymore – which is good, because they never worked very well anyway.

My latest tune, “Phunky Paws,” was written in Sibelius 5 but completed for publication in Sibelius 6 over this past weekend. The Sibelius realization on the page was done using the new Sounds Essentials with very little editing.

There are a bunch of features I never use, like the ideas function. Still, it was well worth the upgrade price. I will be more productive and I’ll deliver a better product. That’s what it’s about – making notation easier, faster and better! Info here.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been working with Sibelius 6 for about a week…

  1. I lost my old disc of Sibelius Student, so upgraded to Sib 6 Student. A lot of great new features including the aforementioned magnetic layout. The thing to get used to is that on the old Sib, you use the Spacebar to put in rests, while in 6, space controls the playback function while you push 0 on the number pad. Been working with it since around Christmas and still getting used to that.

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