A Recommendation

I’ve just started using Dropbox, which places your files in a 2GB space “in the cloud” for free. The difference between this and other such cloud services is that this is so danged easy. It looks just like another folder on Mac or Windows, and it’s strictly drag-and-drop. You can also share folders with others, and it allows for a public folder. If you use multiple computers, like I do, you’ll find it simple and useful. I have a mac and and a wintel box next to each other on my school desk, and moving files from one to the other has always been a pain – most often I use a thumb drive. There are also 50 GB and 100 GB plans for $ 10 and $ 20 per month, if you decide you need more space. Since everybody in our business uses computers nowadays, I thought it would be worth mentioning. Check it out – it’s very simple and easy to use.


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