Dorico v.1.1 is out! I may need to finally buy it…

Steinberg’s Dorico music scoring application shipped last year with a significant number of features missing – what it did, it did beautifully, and with great thought behind how things should look. But for me, who works in the pop music and jazz world a lot, the lack of repeat signs and chord symbols were deal-breakers.… Continue reading Dorico v.1.1 is out! I may need to finally buy it…



Yay! The book is out!

Finally, the book is available and in several versions! To buy it as a print book, for $24.95, from Amazon.com, click here. Or you could buy it directly from CreateSpace, for the same price, by clicking here. To buy it as a “Kindle textbook,” which has embedded musical examples that will play back on newer… Continue reading Yay! The book is out!



The book – now called “The Band Director’s Guide To Arranging For The Marching Band,” is in for approval at Kindle Direct Publishing, to be available as a “Kindle Textbook.” It will be available on Amazon.com as a print version next week, after I approve the final proof copy. And…it’s available NOW as a pdf… Continue reading We’re THIS CLOSE…


Update to the update…

The last update I did, in the fall of last year, still stands up pretty well as to where I am and what I’m doing. I did twelve weeks of rehab on my right knee (the one that has not been replaced) and it’s still not right, but I’m hopeful it will be better by… Continue reading Update to the update…

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Update after a looooong time away…

Wow! In the year-and-a-half since my last update to this blog, WordPress has updated the interface a great deal – it’s very pretty now to work in – and quite a bit has happened with me! For those still linking this blog, and for any new visitors, here’s what’s been going on. My book, The… Continue reading Update after a looooong time away…

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About using measure numbers in parts and scores

I’ve been away from here for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s marching band arranging season. It, like spring, came late this year, which is why I’m still writing. It seems it took longer for my clients to decide on music this year than usual. Anyway, I was editing parts… Continue reading About using measure numbers in parts and scores

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Wayne Markworth on marching band planning

My friend Wayne Markworth, retired band director from Centerville HS (OH) and a member of the BOA Hall of Fame, recently updated his web site, Shadow Lake Music. He also has an attached blog and on it he talks about marching band show planning. If you are engaged in such a process right now, you will certainly want to… Continue reading Wayne Markworth on marching band planning

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Jim Wren on Marching Roundtable

Jim Wren, legendary arranger for the Phantom Regiment, will be on Marching Roundtable’s podcast on March 9 to talk about arranging the music of Tchaikovsky for the corps. Should be a good one!

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My arranging book is finally available!

I know, I’ve been teasing it for months, but it really is out now! It’s available as a pdf ebook from Marketing Vision Partners for $ 30. I invite you to go take a look! Here’s the Table of Contents page: While I don’t think anything I put in the book is exactly controversial, I have included… Continue reading My arranging book is finally available!

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Seeking Clinton Roemer

Two years ago I mentioned the Standardized Chord Symbol Notation book published in 1976 by Clinton Roemer and Carl Brandt. Since then, an alert reader, Doug Gifford, found his and scanned it. Link to the whole discussion is here. I think it would be great if this book could be republished. I think back then… Continue reading Seeking Clinton Roemer